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bling bling 종현!
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900408 is a LiveJournal community for the one and only Kim Jonghyun of contemporary boyband SHINee under SM Entertainment management. Totally clueless as to why the community name is 900408? Jonghyun's date of birth is April 8th, 1990 — use Eastern format and you get 90 (year) 04 (month) 08 (day). Nifty, huh?

» profile
Stage Name Jonghyun (종현/鐘鉉)
Birth Name Kim Jonghyun (김종현/金鐘鉉)
Birth Date April 8th, 1990 (18 years old)
Height 173 cm
Position Lead singer
Hobbies/Specialities Watching movies, sing, song writing, speaks Chinese
Trivia Featured in Zhang Liyin's (张力尹/장리인) Chinese album I WILL track 7 Wrongly Given Love (交错的爱).

— Wikipedia, SHINee's Baidu bar, etc.

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01. This community is about Jonghyun — all posts must stay on topic, please!
02. No bashing will be tolerated; please be respectful to the members and moderators.
03. Lock all media-sharing posts (e.g.: audio, video, scans). When posting information, news, or scans that are not yours, you must include the source.
04. Remember to tag your posts with the appropriate tags! If you don't know which tags to use, a moderator will go ahead and tag it for you.
05. Large photos must be under an LJ-cut! Don't know how to do one? Please refer here.

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